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Thematic Groups Around the World

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Country Activities

Thematic Groups on Rural Development and Food Security have been established, or are in their initial stages of development, within the UN Resident Coordinator system in 44 countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean and the Near East.

Thematic Groups are working on a wide range of activities related to rural development and food security, ranging from the development of national food security strategies, country nutrition profiles, participatory needs' assessments and information systems to the design and implementation of rural development programmes. The Groups are also proving effective mechanisms for strengthening linkages with UN initiatives: while some Thematic Groups have contributed to UN reform by supporting the various stages of the United Nations Development Framework (UNDAF) and Common Country Assessment (CCA) process (from coordinating the inputs of the UN agencies to participating in the development of indicators), other Thematic Groups have provided input to the development of national Food Insecurity and Vulnerability Information and Mapping Systems (FIVIMS) (from identifying vulnerable areas and populations at risk, to coordinating data collection from various country partners and producing reports).

Work is currently in progress to develop a searchable database within this site to provide information on the status, activities and funding sources of these national Thematic Groups. A brief round-up of current activities around the regions is available below.


Asia and the Pacific


Latin America and the Caribbean

Near East

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