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Events - December 2004

1 December: World AIDS Day

Half of all people living with HIV/AIDS in the world are female. According to studies carried out by UNAIDS, the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS, women can be 2.5 times more likely to be HIV-infected as their male counterparts. Women and girls are also more likely to face sexual violence, through which they can contract AIDS or accelerate the spread of HIV if they are already infected. That's why the theme of World AIDS Day 2004 focuses on women and girls facing HIV and AIDS.

World AIDS Day is commemorated around the world every 1 December. It celebrates progresses made in the battle against the epidemic and brings into focus remaining challenges. World AIDS Campaign 2004 conceived to help accelerate the global response to HIV and AIDS by encourage people to address female vulnerability to HIV.

This year's World AIDS Campaign, with the strap line 'Have you heard me today?' seeks to raise awareness about, help address and promote an equality access to treatments and decrease the impact of AIDS/HIV.

Women's vulnerability is primarily due to inadequate knowledge about AIDS, insufficient access to HIV prevention services, inability to negotiate safer sex, and a lack of female-controlled HIV prevention methods.

This year, World AIDS Day was organised by the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS in conjunction with the World Aids Campaign.

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