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Events - December 2004

11 December: International Mountain Day

Peace: key to sustainable mountain development is the theme for the International Mountain Day, celebrated each 11 December since 2003. The increase of conflicts in mountain regions in the last 50 years highlighted the need to advocate for peace to guarantee development in mountain regions.

Armed conflicts are the greatest cause of poverty and hunger in mountain regions. Not only does violence and destruction devastate individual lives but it also hinders day to day living making subsistence very difficult, especially for farmers. Several causes of conflict in these areas include access to natural resources, ethnic diversity and ethnic clashes as well as drug cultivation.

The creation of an International Mountain Day on behalf of the UN General Assembly to create global awareness of the importance of mountains is due to the successful observance of the UN International Year of Mountains 2002.

For information and advice on planning and organizing activities for the observance of the International Mountain Day, please contact the Secretariat of the Mountain Partnership hosted by FAO's Forestry Department at mountain.day@fao.org.

To read more about the International Mountain Day or to download communication material, please visit the official website at: http://www.mountainpartnership.org/imd/imd.html