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News - October 2002

FAO and UNESCO propose a joint partnership to promote education in the rural world

On verifying that 70% of the world's poor live in rural environments, the FAO and UNESCO have undertaken a joint initiative to treat education as one of the keys to confront this problem. The two agencies of the United Nations invite governments of the member countries, international organizations, and civil society to join forces in the new Education Partnership for the Rural Population.

The initiative, which seeks to eliminate the inequalities between the urban and rural worlds in access to education, has established as its primary objectives: to raise general consciousness concerning the importance of rural education in order to reach the Millennium Goals; to eliminate the differences between urban and rural education; to increase access to education in the rural world; to improve teaching quality in rural areas; and, at the national level, to strengthen the capacity to establish plans for basic teaching that satisfy the needs of the rural world.

To follow this initiative, please contact Ester Zulberti (ester.zulberti@fao.org) and Lavinia Gasperini (Lavinia.Gasperini@fao.org) in the Sustainable Development department of the FAO, or Shigeru Aoyagi (s.aoyagi@unesco.org) in UNESCO.

Education for the rural population is the title of the publication recently presented by the two agencies dealing with in this problem. This booklet reviews the educational policies that have been implemented in the rural sphere in the last few years, attempting to reformulate the main aspects related to education, taking into account the new framework of poverty in the rural world, and describing current innovative trends in this field.