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News - April 2006

Outcomes of the International Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development

The International Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (ICARRD) held from 7 to 10 March 2006 in Porto Alegre , Brazil put the spotlight on a crucial topic in the fight against hunger and poverty: agrarian reform and rural development.

Some 1 400 participants, 96 delegations from FAO Member Countries, international experts and representatives from over 130 farmers and civil society organizations attended. During the four days of the conference, participants reviewed different experiences of agrarian reform around the world, analyzed impacts, processes, mechanisms; the actors involved and then discuss proposals for future action. The ICARRD helped to bring back the issues of agrarian reform and rural development on the international agenda through a participative and a multistakeholder approach.

The interaction between the conference and the parallel Civil Society Forum resulted particularly positive. Many special thematic sessions and presentations of partnership initiatives were also organized.

The final Declaration recommended that the FAO Committee on World Food Security, in September 2006 " adopt appropriate measures to implement the ICARRD Declaration (...) with the participation of civil society and other UN organizations dealing with food sovereignty, food security, agrarian reform and rural development " and that the FAO Council in November 2006 " examine the possibility of further follow-up mechanisms designed to assist countries in the implementation of the outcomes of ICARRD ".

For more information on the ICARRD Conference, visit the ICARRD website at www.icarrd.org

The Final Declaration is available at : www.icarrd.org/en/news_down/FinalDeclaration_En.pdf

The reports of the Special Thematic Sessions are available at http://www.icarrd.org/en/events.html