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Publications - December 2004

Refugee Livelihoods Network

Refugee livelihoods and self-reliance issues are the main topics discussed by a network of practitioners and researchers who exchange ideas and their lessons learned through an e-mail list.

Similar to the UN System Network on Rural Development and Food Security, the Refugee Livelihoods Network seeks to keep members informed of current initiatives and provide an opportunity for inter-agency cooperation. Through the collection and dissemination of information, the network is used to facilitate knowledge on livelihood strategies and activities of refugees and Internal Displaced Populations (IDP).

This network, supported by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), sends a monthly e-mail newsletter in order to foster exchange of ideas and experiences. To subscribe to the list send a message to Ms. Cindy Horst (REF.NET@inter.NL.net) briefly describing your interest and experience in livelihood issues.

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