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Publications - December 2004

SARD-M launches new website

FAO is launching a new website dedicated to policies and institutional aspects of Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in Mountain regions (SARD-M). The website (http://www.fao.org/sard-sard-m) offers access to news, publications, reference documents and other information regarding SARD policies and the SARD-M project. This project aims at strengthening mountain populations' livelihoods with improved policies for sustainable agriculture and rural development.

In order to facilitate the exchange of information, experiences, best practices between mountainous regions and between concerned institutions, publications of the SARD-M project (case studies, training manuals, workshop reports) and those of others partners will be made available online.

The website will offer direct links to partners (donors and regional focal points), related projects and organizations, and UN agencies working on sustainable agriculture and rural development in mountains.

This SARD-M website is the first step towards the creation by FAO of a website dealing with the larger array of issues surrounding sustainable agriculture and rural development.

The entire SARD-M website is available in English, French and Spanish. The welcome page, project brochures, and press releases are also available in Arabic. Because the project involves mountain regions which may suffer from the "digital divide", the site will be remain simple and light in terms of the technologies used. Those who have difficulties connecting to the internet in their countries, can request a CD-ROM containing the contents of the website by writing to SARD-M@fao.org.

The organizations, governments, and representatives of civil society working in the international, regional, national or local levels are invited to share their contributions (information on their activities, conferences, training, publications, electronic links, etc.) dealing with SARD-M by email: SARD-M@fao.org.

We invite you to consult this website, provide us with your comments and eventually place a link to the site (http://www.fao.org/sard/sard-m) on the website of your organization.