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Publications - April 2006

Computerizing agricultural cooperatives: a practical guide

Currently, agricultural cooperatives considering computerization have no reference book to turn to for guidance. This manual, drafted as a result of a two-day international workshop on computerizing agricultural cooperatives held at FAO headquarters in October 2003 , is intended to help fill that gap and ensure that their first attempt to computerize will be a successful one. It is based on a review of computerization experiences in Asia , Africa and South America.

The manual is written for developing country cooperatives that are just starting to consider whether or not or how to computerize. Its intended target audience includes managers, trainers and policy makers with little experience in working with computers. The information in this booklet is presented in a simple, well illustrated and easy-to understand style. It is supplemented by practical examples of how agricultural cooperatives in developing countries tackle computerization problems at local level.

To view the manual please click here.