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Thematic Groups - December 2004

Dominican Republic: Thematic Group reactivated

The National Thematic Group in Dominican Republic resumed its activities maintaining the same objectives under which it was created in 1997 emphasising on "sharing of information, knowledge and successful experiences."

The main objectives of the Thematic Group are to:
  • Improve coordination and follow-up to activities and projects in the Rural Development and Food Security sectors in Dominican Republic.
  • Support national initiatives to fight against rural poverty and mitigate hunger.
  • Mobilize external resources that can complement national funding.
  • Share information knowledge and successful experiences.
During recent meetings, TG members exchanged information related to the different activities being carried out in rural development and food security areas. The TG also completed a series of technical fact sheets with useful data on each project in order to build an information source on projects being developed in the country. Through these meetings, a first step towards coordinating efforts among development actors working in the same areas has been made.

The members of the refurbished Thematic Group are United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Pan-American Health Organisation/ World Health Organisation, World Food Programme, FAO, United States Cooperation Agency (USAID), Spanish Cooperation Agency (AECI), German Cooperation Agency (GTZ), Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the embassies of France, Italy and the United Kingdom. This group meets on a bimonthly basis and is open to donors within the Dominican Republic.

TG members have already identified areas in which complementarities can be carried out in order to optimize resources and avoid duplication of efforts. The GTZ-DED and the French Embassy will exchange information regarding agrarian extension, given the similarities existing between the activities carried-out by both members. In addition, a proposal was made to coordinate the training component of the Special Program for Food Security along with the extension projects developed by GTZ-DED and the French Embassy.

For further information on the Thematic Group's activities please contact the FAO representation in the Dominican Republic at FAODOM@fao.org