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Thematic Groups - December 2005

Mexico: Thematic Group holds its third meeting

The Thematic Group on Rural Development and Food Security of Mexico held its third meeting with the participation of international organizations working in the country as well as members of several ministries and representatives from several NGOs and academic institutions.

Two presentations were carried out during the meeting, one by the representative of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and the second, by FAO officers. IICA representatives presented the System of Managerial Decision Making for a Municipality Rural Development Policy in Mexico explaining how the Municipalities Councils for Sustainable Rural Development (CMDRS) are being created since the decree of the Sustainable Rural Development Law in 2000.

FAO officers carried out a presentation related to the “Municipal Proposals of Rural Development and Municipalizing of Alianza para el Campo” (Consejos Municipales de Desarrollo Rural y Municipalización de Alianza para el Campo). According to the presenters, the positive effects of the municipalization process within the decentralization process of the Government of Mexico include:

Increased participation in the Councils and municipalities as well as and

  • Municipalized processes are more effective than the local government processes.
  • The Alianza programme reaches more communities.
  • The government activities are clearer with this modality

For more information on the activities of the Thematic Group in Mexico , please contact the FAO representative in this country at FAO-MX@fao.org